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Our family-owned and operated Grimes Roofing Company has been providing quality workmanship for all your exterior needs since 2001. We specialize in residential roofs, so you can be sure that our professional knowledge is unparalleled to any other company on the market today!
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Grimes Roofing Company

Grimes, IA is a beautiful city we’re blessed to be working in and providing you with our top-ranked siding and roofing offerings. All of our installations are guaranteed for life as well as new roofs coming with a lifelong warranty! Ensuring your employees go through the proper training so they can do their job without fail is important to us – it ensures everything will come out great every time no matter what kind of weather conditions there may or not be on-site at that moment.

It's nice having local roofing contractors nearby when needed, especially one who will call you back within an hour - usually same day too! We know how frustrating it would be if someone took hours or days before returning your phone calls but thankfully this won't be an issue with us! We’re one of the most well-known companies in regards to windows and doors, so you can rest assured if you order new ones they will be installed perfectly!

Hail Damage and Insurance Roof Claims in Grimes

The hail and wind storms that hit the Grimes metro area, as well as Dallas and Polk counties, were devastating. In some neighborhoods alone hundreds of homes were damaged by these storms. But we work every day for our customers to help get their home's roof repaired or replaced back into pre-storm condition with just a few quick steps: working closely with them in helping file insurance claims to ensure they can have everything fixed on hand; inspecting what needs fixing onsite so you know exactly where your money is going; scheduling appointments based off when homeowners are available - not us! And finally following up once it’s all done to give warranty information & peace of mind.

We're a locally owned Iowa company that serves Central Iowa from Woodward to Pleasant Hill and every point in between.

At Top Notch Construction & Roofing, we're dedicated to providing the highest-quality roofing services for residential rooftops. We offer a variety of materials and designs that are sure to match your needs; whether you need asphalt shingle roofs with steep slope design or metal panels for commercial buildings -we've got what it takes!

Our Grimes Iowa Services

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Top Notch Construction and Roofing is a family-owned company dedicated to the highest quality workmanship in everything they do.  Certified at the highest levels in the industry for inspecting roofs, so give us a call if there are any problems with yours! Our teams have years of experience installing perfect new roofs as well as other exterior projects like gutter installation or skylight installation. Once we get started on our work, it'll be easy to see why we're worth calling when considering Grimes' best roofers.

Every time there is a storm, the Grimes area attracts "Roof Gypsies"- that's what we call them. These are people who come here to sell their wares and then leave before they finish any work at all or do terrible jobs on roofs in need of repair from storms. This has caused problems for homeowners as unscrupulous roofers take advantage by taking the first insurance check offered without doing any real repairs as our company does! We urge you to contact Top Notch Construction and Roofing if you want quality service done right every single time with no disappointments.

About Grimes, Iowa

The city of Grimes in Iowa is a perfect place to enjoy suburban life with fun and diverse community offerings. Its population is 13,562 (2018 Population Estimate), according to the United States Census Bureau. The city was founded in 1881, and on May 7, 1894, it was incorporated as a city. It was named after Iowa’s former governor and a former senator of the United States, James Wilson Grimes

Grimes has a small-town feel; however, it does not fall short in modern amenities, usually a few blocks away from the parks, golf courses, sports complexes, and the community.

Grimes is an excellent place to send your children to school. Its educational system is outstanding, with a high graduation rate, high extra-curricular participation rate, teaching staff with higher education degrees, and a 1:1 device to student ratio.

Schools include Dallas Center-Grimes Community School District, which consists of four schools in the elementary level: Heritage Elementary, North Ridge Elementary, and South Prairie Elementary, located in Grimes, and Dallas Center Elementary in Dallas Center. They also have 5-6 for middle school, Oak View for grades 7-8, and 9-12 for high school.

Parks and leisure facilities are prominent places in Grimes. It has several sports complexes namely Grimes Sports Complex and The Grimes Community Complex for those who enjoy sporting events. For parks, you are sure to enjoy Glenstone Park, North Pointe Park, Beaverbrook Park, Shawyer Park, and Autumn Park, to name a few.

Among the things to do in Grimes for leisure are golfing, indoor climbing, playing in Sky Zone (an indoor trampoline park), and enjoying fine dining options.

The city is also home to big industries, including Canoyer Garden Center and Ryko. Canoyer is located at the heart of Grimes, IA, and is a famous place for house decors. Ryko, on the other hand, is a car wash solution company with affordable services.

All in all, Grimes, Iowa is a safe, progressive, and fun place to spend holidays, to settle down as a family, or for retirement.